Gluten Free Throughout the Year
A Two-Year, Month-to-Month Guide for Healthy Eating

2010; ISBN# 978-1-60910-180-0
by Melissa Diane Smith

Against the Grain Nutrition
170 pages

A companion guide to Going Against the Grain

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"Everyone on a gluten free diet or who eats food should read this book."

- Dr. Stephen Wangen, Author of Healthier Without Wheat
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AgainstThe Grain Nutrition
Eating gluten free at picnics, while traveling, when you’re sick, and during holidays. All this and more is covered in the first ever gluten-free book of its kind, Gluten Free Throughout the Year. The book has:
  • An introduction summarizing the latest information on gluten sensitivity and the gluten-free lifestyle
  • A chapter outlining diet guidelines to improve and maintain health over the long term
  • An explanation of why many people who eat gluten free gain unhealthy weight
  • A short, easy-to-read chapter for every month that explains a seasonal topic or common issue faced by gluten-free eaters
  • Helpful advice on everything from making your own fast food to safely eating out in restaurants
With more than 100 tips, 30 recipes, and names of the healthiest gluten-free food brands and products, this is a guide for living the gluten-free lifestyle like no other.

Praise for Gluten Free Throughout the Year

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