Gluten Free Throughout the Year
A Two-Year, Month-to-Month Guide for Healthy Eating
2010; ISBN# 978-1-60910-180-0
by Melissa Diane Smith
Against the Grain Nutrition
170 pages
A companion guide to Going Against the Grain

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"Everyone on a gluten free diet or who eats food should read this book."

- Dr. Stephen Wangen, Author of Healthier Without Wheat
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AgainstThe Grain Nutrition

Gluten Free Throughout the Year

Table of Contents


Five Diet Guidelines for Improved Health

Chapter 1: Chapter 1 January: Heartier Breakfasts to Start Your Day

Chapter 2 February: Trouble with Dairy

Chapter 3 March: Spring-Clean Your Diet

Chapter 4 April: Having Problems with Corn?

Chapter 5 May: Breaking Out of a Vegetable Rut

Chapter 6 June: Taking a Vacation from Cooking

Chapter 7 July: Eating Out in Restaurants

Chapter 8 August: Traveling Against the Grain

Chapter 9 September: Gluten-Free School Days!

Chapter 10 October: Jazzing Up Rice

Chapter 11 November: Celebrating Autumn's Bounty

Chapter 12 December: Having a Healthier Holiday Season

Chapter 13 January: Partying Gluten-Free Style

Chapter 14 February: Cold and Flu Protection and Relief

Chapter 15 March: No Grains? No Problem!

Chapter 16 April: Gluten Free and Eco-Friendly

Chapter 17 May: Getting Enough Fiber on a Gluten-Free Diet

Chapter 18 June: Making Your Summer a Picnic

Chapter 19 July: Enjoying the Juicy Fruits of Summer

Chapter 20 August: Making Your Own Fast Food

Chapter 21 September: Going Nuts with Your Diet

Chapter 22 October: Planting New Seeds in Your Diet

Chapter 23 November: Further Against the Grain: Going Paleo

Chapter 24 December: The Gift of Gluten Free

Appendix A: Straight Talk on Testing for Gluten Sensitivity and Carbohydrate Sensitivity

Appendix B: Substitutions for Common Wheat-Based Foods

Appendix C: Resources

Appendix D: Putting It All Together: Sample Menus

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Praise for Gluten Free Throughout the Year


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