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Welcome to my GMO-Free Information page!

Monsanto March

Before my speech at the March Against Monsanto in May 2013

Photo courtesy of James F. Palka

I enjoy spreading the word about how to avoid unnatural genetically modified foods in the diet in many different ways. Please check out the following ways my information may be helpful to you.

  • For a definitive guide to understanding genetically modified (GM) foods, the food issue of our time, the compelling reasons for the fast-growing non-GMO movement, and exactly how to avoid GM foods, check out my new book Going Against GMOs.

  • To avoid genetically modified foods, try the Eat GMO-Free Challenge that I created. It provides a tip a day for a month to gradually take GMOs out of your diet.

  • If you’re interested in having me speak on the health dangers of GMOs and how to shop and eat out non-GMO, visit my Speaking page for additional information and send a request to me at

  • If you’d like to see my collection of Stop Monsanto in Pima County articles, visit this page.

Thanks for stopping by, and Happy GMO-Free Eating!

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