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I recently stumbled across your Going Against the Grain book and I am so glad I did! A holistic doctor told me that she thought I was allergic to gluten/wheat/corn but I wasn't so sure. My suffering started when I was about 20 and now, 9 years later I was at the end of my rope! My hair was falling out, I had chronic stomach aches, diarrhea, migraines, fatigue, PCOS, Insulin Resistance, Hashimoto's Thyroid Disease, sinus problems, infertility, Necrobiosis on my legs and was unable to lose weight no matter what diet I went on. I was depressed because I couldn't live my life like other people in their 20's. I felt like I was really 60! In addition, I had to have my gall bladder removed when I was 26. I went from one doctor to another and each prescribed a different Rx and told me to just lose some weight. I felt helpless.

Recently I moved back to the area where the holistic doctor practices and I remembered what she said about the food allergy. I saw your book in the bookstore and started reading immediately! That was two months ago and I feel wonderful! I began following the diet and taking the supplements. I have lost 25 pounds and have a ton of energy! I recently joined a gym and took up belly dancing classes. I HAVE NOT had a single bout of diarrhea, stomach pain, or headaches. I am off my glucophage. My Necrobiosis hasn't totally gone away, but it is not bright red and irritated anymore. I'm hoping that as time passes my hair will start to grow back and my infertility will be resolved. Thank you so much for bringing this issue to the public! You have changed my life in ways I cannot even express to you in a simple letter!

Thanks Again!

Shelley from Lithopolis, Ohio

This letter covers weight loss, reversing insulin resistance and PCOS, and recovery from digestive upset and headaches.

… No other dietary program that I had tried before was successful for me, but Melissa’s program really works! … I have been adhering to her dietary program for two years, and I feel healthier now than I have in twenty-five years!

By following her advice and restricting my diet to turkey, chicken, fish, fruits, nuts, vegetables, and supplements (vitamin E, vitamin C, B-complex vitamins, chromium picolinate, omega-3 fish oil, and garlic), I have achieved the following results:

  • My blood cholesterol dropped from 306 to 186, my LDL/HDL ratio dropped from 5.5 to 2.8, and my triglycerides dropped from 99 to 56
  • I lost 38 pounds in one year, dropping from 182 pounds to an ideal target weight of 144 pounds
  • More importantly, I have been able to maintain my low weight for a year now. Over the last year I have stayed within the weight range of 143 to 148 pounds
  • I now have a high level of energy and have a renewed confidence in my physical appearance and long-term health

Ron, 47, an engineer from Newport Coast, California

This story covers improving blood cholesterol and triglyceride levels, losing weight and maintaining long-term health.

Dear Melissa,

I have been on the Anti-Syndrome-X diet with accompanying supplements since January 2002. One of my doctor's mentioned Syndrome X in passing as a health risk factor and, when I found your book, I was hooked. Your science is so clear and logical it is stunning to me that diabetes educators are still promoting so many carbohydrates.

After eight months of following your program, I have lost 35 pounds. My blood pressure is normal without medication. My blood sugar counts are normal without medication. I no longer suffer urge incontinence. I'm no longer fuzzy-minded and depressed. I no longer need to nap during the day. I have more energy and I feel stronger. Whenever people ask me how I'm doing it, I explain the concept and tell them to read your book. I have several friends who have taken up your recommendations and they say they are feeling better about food than they have ever felt before.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Thea from Colorado Springs, Colorado

This letter covers losing weight, reducing high blood pressure and high blood sugar, and improving energy and mental focus.

Approximately one year ago I was introduced to Melissa Diane Smith’s work through reading her books Going Against the Grain, Syndrome X, and Why Am I Always So Tired? I never knew how dramatically that would change my life. I was overweight, constantly exhausted, and had battled for years with depression, anxiety, agoraphobia, and chronic diarrhea, which I had for so long I thought it was normal. I also had Insulin Resistance and Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS). My husband and I had always hoped for a large family, but after consistently and unsuccessfully trying for children, I was given the diagnosis of being infertile. Despite this diagnosis, I was able to have two children in the span of eight years, but I had difficult pregnancies and complications including pre-eclampsia. Over the past year, Melissa helped me to regain my health and has ended up significantly helping the health of my children (and a new child on the way).

…. I have been continually impressed by her working knowledge of nutrition and the body, and even more important (I think), her ability to communicate that knowledge in a way I can understand so that she can help me to apply it to my life.

Heather, 33, a mother and homemaker from Omaha, Nebraska

This story covers losing weight, improving insulin resistance and polycystic ovary syndrome, and overcoming depression, anxiety, diarrhea, infertility and failure to thrive in children.

Dear Melissa,

Your Syndrome X book was placed into my hands on April 11, 2002. By April 13th, I was on the Anti-X Healing Diet. I was 187 lbs and had been through two years of trying to lose weight and of being treated (unsuccessfully) for high blood pressure. That was two weeks after getting a "borderline high" reading on a fasting glucose test during my annual physical. My health was deteriorating and I couldn't figure out why. I pushed myself to exercise, but didn't get the payoff I was seeking. I could not drag out of bed, and I could not get good rest. The person I looked at in the mirror was so bloated and exhausted looking, I didn't know her.

Today, I am 173 lbs., the blood pressure is doing well AND, I actually get out of bed in the mornings and accomplish something before coming to work. I spend the day focusing and getting work done, and when I get home at night, I am tired, and I sleep GREAT!!! Why? The Anti-X Healing Diet, my herbalist and your book (I am in Kentucky, so I would actually say "ya'lls book!)

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you so much!

Jill from Louisville, Kentucky

This letter covers losing weight, normalizing blood pressure and blood glucose, and improving energy.

Melissa Diane Smith really knows her stuff. Two years ago I did cardio and weight training workouts three times a week and started my day with what seemed like a good breakfast: oatmeal with flaxseed and barley and some whole-grain toast. I thought I was doing everything right, but what I was doing obviously wasn’t working. I had this potbelly I couldn’t get rid of and I had no idea why. Having just passed 40, I also was concerned about developing type II diabetes like my mother.

Right about then, by chance, I met Melissa through neighbors… (and) bought her Syndrome X book…. That was one of the best decisions I ever made. My potbelly and extra dozen or so pounds went away effortlessly and I learned the secret of controlling my weight and negating my risk of diabetes for life.

Lawrence, 42, an engineer from Vancouver, Canada

This story covers losing weight, getting rid of a potbelly, and reversing the risk of type II diabetes.

Dear Ms. Smith,

I am writing to thank you so much for your well-researched and well-written book, Going Against the Grain.

I have had a severe undiagnosed skin disorder for over two years. I had seen a multitude of specialists from the western functional medicine world and expert alternative health practitioners without a definitive diagnosis or any effective treatment. Upon reading your book, I discovered "Dermatitis Herpetiformis". I then learned more by entering this term through conducting an Internet search of professional international dermatology literature.

I decided that this was my diagnosis. I have been gluten-, soy-, and corn-free for three months. I also followed your other dietary guidelines in the book. The skin condition is 70 percent healed and continues to improve every day. I am confident that it will be completed healed within a year. The majority of the other chronic health problems I had – constipation, bloating, PMS, premenstrual depression and fatigue – are also resolved. This happened without the use of any health practitioner.

I "advertise" your book often to the people in my world and I feel great!

Thank you so much!!

With Extreme Gratitude,

Helena from Albuquerque

This letter covers improvement from a skin disorder, bloating, PMS and fatigue.

I began working with Melissa Diane Smith about six years ago. At that time my triglycerides and other blood lipids were sky high, my weight was out of control, my eating habits were poor, and my digestive system was erratic. Over the next couple of years, Melissa set up a nutritional program that really paid off. I lost over 15 pounds, my blood lipids normalized, and my overall health improved tremendously. Melissa did more for me than just set up a program. She educated me about food allergies, especially wheat, and gave me sound direction on how to change my bad eating habits, keep on track and stay healthy.

Nancy, 71, a grief therapist from Santa Fe

This story covers losing weight, normalizing blood lipids, improving digestion, and alleviating rheumatoid arthritis.

Going Against the Grain
is a fabulous book. It gets to the root of many of the nutrition-related health problems and diseases that plague our country today. The book is very well-written and an invaluable tool for those individuals who are wheat-, gluten-, or carbohydrate-sensitive.

Lauren, 32, a nutrition researcher from New York City, New York

This review covers the scope of health problems explained in Melissa’s book.

....(Six months ago) I picked up Going Against the Grain and began to read. I saw myself on nearly every page.... With a few chapters under my belt, so to speak, I stopped eating grains...

Within no time I began reaping the benefits of going against the grain. The most obvious and visible is that I have lost 15 pounds (so far) without ever really feeling hungry or deprived. My digestive tract has settled down: I no longer have bouts of cramps and diarrhea. I am no longer plagued by insomnia at night and low energy during the day....Another truly remarkable "side-effect" of going against the grain is that my mental acuity seems to have improved by leaps and bounds... and my mental outlook is greatly improved.

.... The results I have experienced are so amazing and worthwhile. I would recommend Going Against the Grain to everyone, even if you don't think you have a grain-related problem (as I never thought I did).

Pam, 41, information technology director, from Tucson, Arizona

This story covers weight loss, diabetes prevention,
removing gluten for better bone health,
and improvement of mental acuity and outlook.

The guidance of Melissa Diane Smith has encouraged me to think of dinner as vegetables and meat. I turn to her book Going Against the Grain for inspiration. Her recipes solve the everyday decision of what to prepare for dinner.

Judy, 70, homemaker, Lake Forest, Illinois

This review covers help from the recipes and food ideas in Melissa’s book.

A review of Going Against the Grain on

What a Tremendous Book September 20, 2002
Reviewer: Julie from San Francisco, California

It seems like every other news tidbit these days is about health and wellness, but they're all saying the wrong things. This book cuts to the heart of the matter -- overconsumption of grains results in innumerable health complications. I've followed Melissa Diane Smith's recommended diet and, not only lost weight (30 lbs.) but also eliminated my migraines, lowered my cholesterol, and solved my continual digestive problems. I couldn't be happier to have read such an incredibly informative book. My hat is off to the author for delivering a tough message that most of us wouldn't get the opportunity to hear otherwise.

This review covers weight loss, elimination of migraine headaches, and improvement from cholesterol and digestive problems.

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A review of Going Against the Grain on

A Book to Live By, July 14, 2003
Reviewer: A reader from Central Oregon, USA

This is a great book. It is well written and very easy for anyone to understand. I gave my copy to my daughter and just ordered another for myself. It is a diet you can live with and feel much better. As a side benefit I have lost weight without even trying. I really feel Melissa Diane Smith is on the right track and knows what she is talking about. For anyone who wants to know more about avoiding grains this is the book to read. Some of the other “Grainless Diet Books” are way too complicated and not realistic in their goals or their eating rules. Buy it, try it, you’ll love it.

This review covers weight loss without trying and feeling better on a diet you can live with.

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A review of User’s Guide to Preventing and Reversing Diabetes Naturally on

Exceptionally Written Guide August 23, 2003
Reviewer: Margaret L. Cook, N.D., PA-C, from Dayton, Ohio

Since I have read all of the other books by Melissa Diane Smith, I decided that I should add this to my collection. I found the guide to be exceptionally well done and user friendly. Every person with diabetes and/or obesity, hypertension or other illness that may pose increased health risks should buy and read this guide. I have been in the health care field for many years and I have read numerous articles and books and I have found this guide to be one of the best examples of clear-cut, concise information that a patient could readily absorb and gain valuable insight to improve their overall well-being. Thank you Melissa for yet another fine piece of educational material!

This review covers help for diabetes, obesity, hypertension and related conditions.

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A review of Syndrome X on

What a pleasure to read this book!, March 12, 2000
Reviewer: A retiree interested in staying healthy

From the first page of this book, I realized the authors knew what they were talking about. The nutrition science here is not stuffy, but clearly explains the problem with Syndrome X. They also offer a simple plan to reverse it with tasty, easy-to-prepare recipes and vitamin supplements. What a pleasure to read a book like this and to learn something new about nutrition and health.

This review covers help for Syndrome X.

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A review of Syndrome X on

Syndrome X is the Best, March 29, 2000
Reviewer: nbrechka from Los Angeles, CA

This book has helped me to finally understand the whole high-protein, low-carbohydrate way of life. The book grabbed me right away, because I had a lot of the symptoms the authors discussed. I also shared it with my dad, who has high blood pressure and cholesterol. We both started cutting back on refined carbohydrates, and, although it was hard, I have lost some weight, and I feel a lot more energized. The recipes are great in the book, and I like the fact that the authors take a very balanced, scientifically sound stance—it's not as though they are telling you to live off only meat. I also liked that the book had such a strong nutritional component. I'm always overwhelmed by the number of nutritional supplements on the market—Syndrome X helped me to pick the supplements that were most appropriate to my needs and lifestyle. I would recommend this book to anyone who's tried the Atkins' Diet or the Zone—Syndrome X has an advantage over these and other books because it's scientifically sound and the authors walk you step by step through the anti-syndrome X program. Plus, they help you pinpoint your triggers and unhealthy lifestyle habits. This book has definitely helped me to view nutrition and health care in a whole different light.

This review covers losing weight and eating a healthy, balanced diet
for life.

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